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National Zoo - 2012 - Throwing mushrooms at the French since 2005 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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National Zoo - 2012 [Oct. 7th, 2013|09:54 pm]
I thought I had posted this pictures before, but I can't seem to find them if so. Sorry if this is a repeat.

Last year, I took my first trip to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. I had originally only planned to spend two days there, but if I went back for a third day, I got a chance to go to the "meet a kiwi" event. Since that was so much better than trying to figure out either the parking or metro system, I went back...and I'm glad I did.

Kiwi WLD_6279
So was the kiwi.

For a bird that's on the edge of extinction, they're awfuly cheerful creatures. Maybe it's because they understand the ultimate meaningless of it all. Maybe they're fetishists and just really happy that they get to wear rubberized feathers all day.

Kiwi WLD_6281
Maybe they just have secrets to keep.

Either way, they're always happy. Whether they're hiding (as is their wont), pecking at their keeper's hands

Kiwi WLD_6284
or eating worms.

However, I think it's because they're always telling themselves jokes. Jokes like these:

Q: What did the green grape say to the purple grape?
A: Breathe, idiot! BREATHE!

Q: What's red and not there?
A: No apples

Q: What do you get when you cross a pond and a stream?
A: Wet feet.

Q: Why are elephants big, wrinkled, grey, and hairy?
A: Because if they were small, smooth, white, and hairless, they'd be aspirin tablets!

Q: What do you feed an invisible cat?
A: Evaporated milk.

Kiwi WLD_6280
Well, they think they're funny.