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Throwing mushrooms at the French since 2005

...well, in Montreal anyway.

Unlike many, I don't really draw a line between my personal life and my work life. The way I see it, I just have one life, so why divide it?

I am interested in the space where science and art combine. I thrive in the intersection of business, security, and information technology, and enjoy helping clients balance the three to reduce risk, or to accept the risk and make changes to improve and enhance their business. I enjoy reading books from various genres (my current favorites are Business, Photography, Mythology, Mythic Fiction and Natural History). I also enjoy the practice of the artistic sciences, currently focusing on Photography and Cooking.

Various projects I have done and my other online haunts are available and updated here. Feeds and LJ syndication accounts can be found here

Here on LJ, I am active in the communities based on Callahans and Minnesota Fandom. Many of the people knew me when I use to hang out on #callahans on the Undernet.